Frequently Asked Questions

Do we do interior painting ~ Yes

Do we do interior decorating ~ Yes

Do we do exterior painting ~ Yes

Do we do repairs prior to painting and decorating ~ Yes

Do we prepare and wash down ~ If required

Do we do contract work ~ Yes

Do we do residential projects ~ Yes

Do we do new build development ~ Yes

Do we do private builds ~ Yes

Do we do listed two dwellings ~ Yes

Do we do historic value properties ~ Yes

Do we do luxury houses ~ Yes

Do we do listed one properties ~ Subject to specifications

Do we wallpaper ~ Yes

When do we pay ~ It’s highlighted in the quotation

Do we clear obstacles, ornaments, valuables ~ No; you do before work starts

Do we protect floors and furniture ~ Yes

Do we protect fixtures and fittings ~ Yes; or you remove beforehand

Do we require a key, pass card or fob ~ If necessary yes please

Do we require parking ~ Yes

Do we work out of daily hours ~ Yes; providing the rate is right

Do we, will we supply material ~ Yes

Do we have references and certificates ~ On request

Do~will~can supply other construction services.

Do we drink tea and coffee ~ Yes 🙂

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